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The Order of the Forest

It has been my desire for many years to build my own unique tattoo studio. A place where people could get quality tattoos in an extraordinary environment. Blood, sweat and tears, are usually used as a figure of speech to describe the hard work that goes into something. Little did I know that this would be an understatement of the effort it would take for my desire to materialise. Nevertheless, it was worth it for me and I’m sure it will be for you too.

To reach The Order Tattoo Studio, you’ll need to drive along a winding dirt road through the foothills of Magoebaskloof valley and take a short, but relatively steep walk. Within the studio you will be greeted by a rustic, old-school, space and have magnificent views all around. If you are up for it and you have time to spare after your session, you can always hike to the waterfall. To my knowledge this is the first on/off grid Tattoo cabin in the southern hemisphere. 

About The Order

The Order, Custom Tattoos is the realisation of a passion and a dream, forged in the melting pots of creative ink and has been spilling its design since it was founded in 2013 by owner Jacques Malan. With every pencil stroke and idea the artist strives to provide each client with a timeless, custom design that will be a work of art and a symbol of freedom.

About the Artist

“This is a segment of my story. My journey started when I picked up a crayon for the first time and subconsciously realized that the creative process of drawing, designing and problem solving is deeply rooted in me and forms part of who I am. When I obtained my BA degree in visual communication I dabbled in numerous design areas, but none was as satisfying as drawing and illustration. Tattooing became more of an option as I realized the potential and power in body art – a story told on the human canvas. My tattoos reflect a spiritual reality that is one with my body and its purpose. Everybody is designed to worship, and what better way than to do it through ones body as a living sacrifice. This reality drove me to extend it to those with the same internal need for expression. I now design because I am designed.” – Jacques Malan, founder of The Order.