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Get in contact with the tattoo artist regarding your idea. You are welcome to phone or e-mail him.

Jacques: 072 044 4343 /


Every client is invited to a briefing where their story or idea relating to their tattoo is discussed. This provides the artist with the necessary insight when designing your custom tattoo.


The cost of your tattoo will be sent to you. The artist works according to a hourly rate. The size and detail of your tattoo determines the length of your session.


The cost of your custom design is included in your tattoo quote. As soon as your design is finalized there is a 30 day window period in which you have to book an appointment for your tattoo session. Should you decide against getting the tattoo, a 50% cancellation fee will be charged for the finalized tattoo design.


The time and date of your tattoo session will be confirmed and full payment is expected on the day of your tattoo. Please be sure to bring refreshments for long tattoo sessions.


Aftercare details will be provided by the artist to assure that your tattoo heals properly. Should you require touch-ups, they will be done free of charge and at least six weeks after your tattoo session.